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Presentation Mounting and Print-Direct Substrates

When your prints need extra protection and rigidity, consider having them mounted. We have a wide choice of mounting materials, each with distinct characteristics:

Gator Board Mounting

Strong, tough polystyrene foam center bonded between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. It's heavy duty yet relatively light weight. Great performance. New, bright white facer is the brightest foam board of its kind. 3/16", 1/2" and 1". Black or white. Indoor only. Maximum sheet size 5' x 10'.

Sintra Board Mounting

Heavyweight PVC moderately expanded, closed-cell smooth sheet board. Weather resistant. Indoor or outdoor. Black or white. Other colors available by special order. 1/8" (3mm), 1/4" (6mm) and 1/2" (13mm). Maximum sheet size 5' x 10'.

Foam Board Mounting

Lightweight, soft, foam center with clay coated paper front and back. 1/4" and 1/2" thick. Black or white. Great for temporary signs and posters. Indoor only. Maximum sheet size 5' x 8'.

Acrylic Mounting

Clear, translucent, frosted or white plastic (other thicknesses available). 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and 1/2" thick. Used for backlit applications. Indoor or outdoor.

Coroplast Mounting Board

Corrugated plastic board. 4mm and 6mm. Standard colors black and white. Other colors available by special order. Flutes are used for H-stand hold lawn signs. Indoor or outdoor. 4' x 8' boards.

Dibond Mounting Board

Composite board consisting of two pre-painted aluminum sheets outside a solid polyethylene core. 2mm. Available in white only. Flattest panel in the market. Indoor or outdoor. 4' x 8' boards.

Omega Sign Board

Offers a white vinyl surface over a hardwood plywood core. Strong. Outdoor use.


Similar to foam board. BIODEGRADABLE foam center, with 15% recycled content, is formulated with "bio resins". These bio resins cause discarded foam board to degrade in landfills or commercial composters once the foam is exposed to a bacteria-rich environment. Only a biomass compost remains after decomposition. This material is safe for the environment. One to five years for 100% breakdown, whereas conventional foam boards will not biodegrade for 80 to 450 years. Breakdown of BioDuraplast foam board will not begin until discarded. Can be printed directly and contour cut. White only. 3/16 in x 4' x 8' boards. Indoor only.


An all-plastic foam board consisting of a biodegradable polystyrene foam center, faced with water-proof biodegradable polystyrene liners. This foam board is also completely recyclable. It is categorized as PS6 and is compatible with most municipal, commercial and industrial programs. Moisture proof and highly warp resistant. Foam contains 15% recycled content. Breakdown of BioDuraplast foam board will not begin until discarded. Can be printed directly and contour cut. Can be cold bent into dimensionally stable shapes as components for exhibits and displays. White only. 3/16 in x 4' x 8' boards. Indoor only.


Matte Board

Thin, compressed cardboard. Adds rigidity to posters. .048" thick. White only. 28" x 44".
Indoor only.


Thin plastic board. .020", .040", .060". Often used in place of matte board. White only. 4' x 8' boards. Indoor or outdoor.


Plyable magnetic backer. Used for vehicle door signs and restaurant menu boards. 24" or 40" wide. .015", .020 and .030" thick.

FMR-- Flexible Magnetic Receptive Sheet

Your graphics can easily attach to magnetic surfaces when mounted on this, flexible magnet receptive material. Restaurants with magnetic menu boards can quickly change menu panels without the hassle of screws, nuts or velcro. 39.5" wide. .015" and .030" thick.

MDF Ultra Light

Ultra-light Medium Density Fiberboard has an average density of 500kg/m³. This panel is especially useful for applications where weight is an important consideration, such as with: Scenery for theatre, cinema and television, Interior store displays, and exhibition booths. 1/4" thick. Indoor only.


Brown corrugated board typically used for boxing and packaging. An inexpensive option for temporary cut outs, standees, and easel back displays. Indoor only. 4' x 8'.

Presentation Lamination and Encapsulation Lamination

Protect your graphics from scratches and uv with lamination. Many laminates are available ranging from stand matte, luster, satin, gloss to dry erase, graffiti resistant and very durable textured trade show laminates.

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